Windows 10 May 2019 Update

Windows 10 January Update is long-awaited and now rolls out, or as the officially called Update is 1909. It is the first major update of 2020 with a lot of Bug Fixes and also a new clean and light looking theme, Microsoft has apparently made major enhancements to the Windows Shell, Settings, search and Cortana tweaks. You can upgrade the device with a manual installation tool called Update Assistant, provided by Microsoft on this page. This update is provided with the Windows push-download service.

But there are people such as mine who depend on restricted data plans with Internet capping being enforced in the modern world in which everything is connected 24X7. If you have little data for use, the installation of windows or software updates is twice considered.

So the question is, how big is the update to Windows 10 1909? And what amount of details do I need to update to Windows 10 Jan 2020? It was on my personal computer and mobile data plan I tried to search, and that’s here.

I have a Desktop computer in my house, where my Internet access is not advanced, so I have used the mobile data plan from Reliance Jio to carry out the upgrade after you have downloaded the Upgrade Assistant app.

Windows 10 Upgrade Window

It might take from 30 to 45 minutes to download all the required files from the internet, In my connection, it shows 2.46 GB of data being used by the Upgrade Assistant Tool for downloading the Windows 10 1909 Jan update.

Windows 10 Upgrade Size

This can be checked by going to “Settings>Network & Internet>Data Usage” and then by selecting your internet adaptor in my case it was Ethernet 2.

After the appropriate files are downloaded, the update assistant software begins preparing files for deployment in your current windows.

Windows 10 Upgrade Window 1

Notice that, while the Update Assistant tool performs its magical tricks, certain downloaded files will remain on the hard drive for a while, the tool downloaded the update files into the’ Drive E.’

Upgrade Files of Windows 10

In any case, the files you download will be extracted and merged into your installation of the new windows, with a folder of 6.24 GB in total capacity.

But concerning data use, I have used the entire 1.5 GB quota of my Jio Internet data and I have added 3 GB of additional data booster to it, and my upgrade has been smoothly downloaded. I, therefore, assume 4 GB of data is sufficient to update Windows 10 Jan 2020

After completing the upgrade and performing a system reboot. you can see the light and fresh look of your Windows 10 Desktop.

Windows 10 Desktop


You can search more information in device setup and you’ll see your windows version number updated to 1909, OS Build 18362.145

Windows 10 Settings

When done you can manually uninstall downloaded and stored files by Update Wizard or by going to Settings > Network and Internet> Data Use you can also use the windows embedded janitor and press’ Empty room now’

It helps you to uninstall all temporary installation files and to build a clean, quick, and seamless windows program.


Windows 10 Start Menu

In addition to the latest lighting scheme, Microsoft Windows 10’s Latest May 1909 update includes other big improvements and new functionality;

  • It has a Less Cluttered Default Start Menu
  • It has a new Edge browser for Windows
  • The new version of Windows 10 Lets You Uninstall More Built-in Apps
  • 7 GB of Your PC’s Storage Reserved for Updates by Windows.
  • Cortana and the Search Bar Are now separate programs that reduce the system load.
  • You can now search all your files from the Start Menu search function
  • The new version of Windows 10 lets you run apps in Sandbox mode
  • The little and sweet ‘Notepad’ has changed a bit.
  • Microsoft Edge now has a blend of Chromium
  • Laptop users can control the brightness with a sliding bar now
  • By default, all items in the download folder are sorted by “most recent”
  • With the 1909 update, windows let you pause the future updates.