why Only Gandhi jyanti. what about Bhagat singh’ Bday…??

I don’t find any contribution of Gandhi in the freedom of India, even Bhagat Singh was not only interested in getting freedom for India but also bringing the Socialism in India. u remember, what they used to say every-time, Inqlaab Zindabaad. What Inqlaab they were saying, yes same, they were talking about the revolution. the revolution, which was there in USSR. if Bhagat Singh was alive then India could have been saved from this stupid type of politics. Leaders like Gandhi and Nehru are responsible for the poor condition of India. But the Freedom we have is just coz of Bhagat Singh and other revolutionaries. I salute them.
You see, this was Gandhi’s and Nehru’s personal profit to get the name and fame, and they knew if Bhagat Singh and other revolutionaries survive then they will get more popular among all Indians, and they will get no place. that’s why I don’t like them. you know what I think, India is not completely Capitalist nor Socialist, it is hanging in-between the situation, that is only because of Gandhi and Nehru. Now all Indian leaders are so busy in filling up their own pockets, and the ruling parties are busy in apple polishing after Americans.
indians should wake up and know where they are and what they are doing. instead of paying attention to these type of stupid leaders, just work for your country, think about mankind first, then about your country, and at the last about your self. then only we can grow.

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