Edit the File extension in BULK

Just imagine that you have just download a new album or game but all the files are .xxx and you are feeling so pissed off right now coz in order to enjoy these new possessions you need them to be zip’s, rar’s, mp3’s etc…..
don’t worry, I got your back, do the following

-create a new folder
-put all the files needing editing in the new folder
-then goto “run” in the start menu
-type in CMD and click ok

-the next thing needsa few bits of old dos commands
-you need to navagate CMD to the folder whree the files are
-you can do this by 1st getting the total adress of the folder
-and then typing it in cmd with a “cd” in frount
cd c:\xxx\yyy\ccc\

once you in the folder where the files are you can move on
nb u can cheek you in the right folder by typing dir to get a list of files

-now type in….
rename *.* *.zip

Now change the zip to what ever the extention needs to be (.rar, .mp3 ect)

all done
you should hv now changed the .* to what ever you needed

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