DSpace Data Export and Migration using ZIP Archive

This is a tutorial video recorded on a live server while dealing with an actual problem of data loss. The procedure indicates the method of data migration from one server to another using Batch Import and Export in the form of ZIP archives. This is a simple method of migrating data between DSpace servers, however, it has its own limitations as well, This might not work properly if both the systems don’t have identical Admin Accounts, and Communities & Collection hierarchy. It will also jumble up the persistent URI because it will change the handle number of each item while uploading onto the new server. But it can act as a failsafe In the event of data loss when SQL backup is not available. This video was recorded during a TeamViewer session while resolving a similar kind of problem. Though I don’t encourage to rely solely on this method to take the backup of any DSpace system, this is just another shortcut method of import-export. But I insist on taking regular database backups using Postgres SQL utility. Backup not only safeguards in an event of disaster, theft, and hardware failure. But it also makes way for library professionals to migrate the repository from one physical computer to the other all further suggestions and feedbacks are most welcome. please comment or drop an email at rupinder@outlook.in if there is any query regarding the procedure.

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