Convert a Team Viewer session recording into AVI

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How to record a TeamViewer Remote session

When you start a remote control session in TeamViewer you will see the top bar on the screen which has options related to the TeamViewer session and communication.
From the Top, Bar Click on Files & Extras from your remote toolbar and then click Record to record the session

Once you end the session you will be prompted to save the recording file, you need to choose the appropriate path, where you would like to save the recording

TeamViewer Recording

Once the session is over and the recording is done. you can choose to convert the file from the extras menu in the TeamViewer main screen. but this option is available in the TeamViewer Windows version only. The file conversion is done by choosing one of the preinstalled “encoder” embedded within your Windows OS.

In the menu of the main TeamViewer window, click Extras > Play or convert recorded session:

Choose the desired file you want to convert.

TeamViewer Recording
The video clip will be played back in TeamViewer. You will have the usual options for playing a video file. In the recorded session window, click the Convert icon. You can Configure the settings and chose the desired codec for file compression, also you can alter the resolution. Click Convert, once settings are configured.

Convert TeamViewer Recording
and this is done. In my case, I have converted the file into AVI format. And it runs smoothly.

Minimize file size

In case you require smaller video sizes, you might want to install an additional encoder. A list of video codecs such as the “ffdshow” can be found under

After installation, select the desired codec from the Codec dropdown in the convert dialogue.

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