Cheap and Best Gaming Monitors

PC enthusiasts and gamers put a lot of money, efforts and most importantly emotions in building their dream machine. while the core components of a computer which comprises of 70% of their PC building budget, are vital to give them a good gaming and working experience on their beloved machine, The actual output or final impact of the core hardware can only be seen if they have a good output display device or Monitor.

Many of us mistake the monitors to just be a display screen, and throw all their cash into expensive graphic cards or multi core processors. but if you don’t have a good display, you are practically not harnessing the full power of your computer. Imagine having a AMD Ryzen 9 5000 series procesor with 16 Cores 32 Threads, backed computer powered with Nvidia RTX 3080 graphics, but you have a 19″ cheap TN panel monitor which doesn’t not even have V-sync support. Thats a complete injustice to your gaming rig. Because you will not be able to see the beauty that your expensive CPU and GPU has rendered for you.

Here I have shortlisted some of the budget friendly but feature rich Monitors and prepared a list of only those which comes in screen size of 27 inches and above and they promise to give you a best gaming experience at cheap prices.

Acer is the first in our list because of its unique design and its 4k panel. This amazing LED monitor produces a full RGB spectrum with 10 bit color depth. This monitor has a 3840 x 2160 pixels display, and has AMD FreeSync Technology inbuilt. The display is HDR Ready and has 178 degree wide viewing angle. The 31.5 inch screen size will let you immerse in the scene while you’re playing game or watching your favorite movie on it, while built in speakers with 2W power output will provide a decent sound too.

Samsung M5 comes second in our list as it is not a 4K monitor and it has 1920 x 1080 Resolution VA panel, but it is marketed with the name of a Smart monitor means it has some useful features and applications built in like NETFLIX, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV Streaming and comes with a remote so you can watch your favorite binge flix from a distance like a TV. It also supports HDR 10, and comes with 178 degree ultrawide game view. It also has Wireless Dex to wirelessly connect with your mobile devices, and also Automatic Source Switch Plus, your monitor detects newly connected devices as soon they’re plugged in, and displays the correct signal. No more searching for the right input on the menu.

LG QHD 32 Inch IPS Display 3 Side Borderless is a 2K monitor with the resolution of 2560 x 1440 and it has IPS panel with full HDR 10 support, its super bright LED panel can produce 99% sRGB color spectrum and it also has inbuilt support for AMD Free sync – Dual HDMI 1.4 , and a Display Port. it has a feature of Reducing blue light to help lessen eye fatigue, Reader Mode provides optimal condition for reading.

This again it’s from LG, and it’s the LG Ultragrear, a 32-inch 2K QHD gaming monitor. This World of Warships edition has AMD Radeon FreeSyncTM technology, a 144Hz frame rate, 1ms motion blur reduction, and Dynamic Action Sync for smooth gaming with practically no tearing. The precise 2560 x 1440 resolution and large 31.5 (80.1cm) screen makes for a powerful combination for a thrilling, immersive gaming experience. The ultra-thin bezel on three sides of this streamlined display offers a virtually borderless visual experience, without distraction from the precise, gorgeous image. A sleek addition to any desktop.

This is a nice one from BenQ, which is 31.5 inches of real estate, 4K, USB-C and HDR though the brightness isn’t enough to really call it true HR, you need minimum 500 nits for that. but this monitor is a 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Cinema HDR Mode increase the overall dynamic range between true black and bright white to resemble what your eyes see in the natural world. EW3270U covers 100% of Rec. 709 and 95% of DCI-P3 standards to ensure HDTV and Digital Cinema accuracy to match your defined authentic colors. This monitor also supports AMD free sync for intense gaming while eye care technology to provide a soothing viewing experience.

Is a gaming monitor superior from a television?

There are a few distinctions between monitors and televisions that should be considered when it comes to gaming, whether you’re planning to connect your next-gen console to a smaller screen or considering whether to get a cheap 4K TV for your PC.

In essence, gaming monitors are significantly more appropriate to computer use than televisions, not just because 4K TV sizes start at 43 inches and provide inferior resolutions, but also the up-close viewing on such large screens also make it unpleasant to watch.
In comparison to televisions, monitors have less input latency and faster reaction times. A gaming monitor deal is considerably more appropriate if you require tournament-level accuracy and efficiency in your Call of Duty matches.
It’s not just that, gaming monitors often have greater refresh rates than (most) Regular TVs, resulting in a crisper gaming experience.
If you’re not planning to control your system from a gaming workstation and want the largest panel possible, an OLED TV deal is the way to go. but they will be expensive. However, they have faster reaction times, better contrast ratios, and many of them offer 120Hz refresh rates. There aren’t many OLED gaming monitors on the market right now, and the handful that really are, are far more costly than OLED televisions.

So in my honest opinion. buying a gaming monitor from the above given list is the best option.