Restrictions ..?? Bypass ur Proxy server now …!

Does your local proxy server block most wanted sites like MySpace, Bebo, Orkut and Facebook? Need an easy way to bypass proxy server at school or at work?
Most employers, schools and colleges are becoming aware of the amount of time their employees and students spend using the Internet for personal reasons. So they block Internet access to some websites using firewall or proxy server.
MySpace, Bebo, Facebook, orkut and other popular websites are often blocked by proxy server at schools and offices, so if you want to access them from school or work, you have to use bypass proxy server restrictions.
there are two ways of doing that ..!!
one is by downloading and installing some Proxy client on your pc, it is an easly available freeware,
Second way is by using Web-based proxy clints, You can also bypass proxy server using web proxy that works like a ‘buffer’ between you and other web resources and allows you to access other websites through it. So web proxy is frequently used to bypass school proxy server, company proxy server, etc.
All you need to do is type in website address:
here are some address of Web-based proxy sites.!

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